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Hero Box Set
Hero Box Set
Hero Box Set


Hero Box Set

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We recommend a box set of our Heroes as a first trial set. The Classic is light with layered citrus notes. The Botanic is infused with Menton lemon and verbena. The Barrel is rich with notes of vanilla and black tea.

100% French Junmai sake made with Camargue rice, french water and wine yeast. A clear and crisp taste with a citrus aroma. It is a perfect accompaniment to Japanese and Asian cuisine, or as an aperitif with carpaccio.
- ABV(alcohol by volume):13%

A SAKE made by macerating lemons from Menton in the south of France and verbena from Provence during fermentation to create a harmonious blend of refreshing lemon and verbena aromas and a juicy, sweet and sour taste. It is a perfect aperitif or to be enjoyed with dishes such as white fish meuniere.
- ABV(alcohol by volume):13%

THE BARREL (750ml)
This SAKE is aged in oak barrels used for Pinot Noir red wine at the famous Jacque Prieur winery in Burgundy. It has a thick, rich aroma of cassis and vanilla, with a strong body with acidity. It goes perfectly with meat dishes, washed cheeses.
- ABV(alcohol by volume):14%

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