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A refined embodiment of the yuzu citrus fruit.

Tasting Notes

Refreshing and invigorating, Wakaze's Yuzu Shu results from meticulous maceration of yuzu in sake lees. Its aromatic bouquet fully captures the zesty intensity of yuzu, setting it distinctly apart from the Yuzu Saké in our Hero Collection. Experience its refreshing and dry notes, elevated by a tangy citrus hint.

Appearance: Radiant, with golden and lemony reflections.

Nose: Vibrant, where the yuzu fully blossoms, revealing its orchard fruit aromas.

Palate: Delightfully fruity, the zesty acidity of yuzu comes alive, balanced by a subtle sweetness.

※A slight deposit linked to natural ingredients may appear, this does not alter the quality of the product.

Food and Yuzu Shu Pairings

Yuzu Shu perfectly pairs with delicately flavored dishes, such as ceviches, tartare, or carpaccios. For a taste journey, serve it on ice or pair it with fresh green tea, highlighting the fruity richness of yuzu.

Serving Temperature: Cool, between 8°C and 10°C.

Alcohol Content: 13°C.

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We are WAKAZE, a sake start-up that has been brewing sake with French ingredients since 2019. Sake for the world. With the aim of bringing SAKE to the tables of the world, we are challenging the conventional wisdom while respecting tradition.

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