Celebrate Christmas with French sparkling sake!

We have created Sparkling Yuzu Sake for Christmas 2022 only! Wakaze creates a new product every year in France for Christmas. If you miss out now, you may never be able to buy the same product.

Deadline : campaign registration ends today at 23:59!

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Register for the campaign by November 28th to receive up to 20% off discounted prices. You can access the secret page from the email after registering.
- Sparkling Yuzu sake: 20%OFF (35€ → 28€)
- Christmas SET: 10% OFF (87.50€ → 78.80€)
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Renewed Sparkling Yuzu sake made in France

This year, we used Japanese yuzu from Kochi Prefecture, the largest producer of yuzu in Japan!
The bright aroma of Japanese yuzu and the fragrant fruitiness and subtle bitterness dance with the refreshing carbonation to create an dazzling flavor. The light yuzu aroma is perfect for a Christmas apéritif!
The light "pop" sound when the cork is popped signals the beginning of the party, making it perfect for a toast! This Christmas, why not toast with Wakaze's Sparkling  Yuzu Sake, shining in yellow gold, but a little different from the usual?

Yuzu Sake
Yuzu Sake
Yuzu Sake
Yuzu Sake
Yuzu Sake
Yuzu Sake

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Christmas is just around the corner! Join the pre-sale now to get limited quantities of Sparkling Sake!

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Special gift box

Customers who purchase a Christmas set will receive one free special gift box (for one bottle).

Special gift box newly designed for Christmas which retains the essence of Japan. This is also a limited quantity, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to get this special design box! (the box will be switched to the regular design once it is gone).

The gift box is decorated with a cloisonne pattern (七宝柄) inspired by rice, the primary ingredient for sake. The cloisonne pattern is a traditional Japanese pattern of four ovals arranged in a circular shape and is one of the design identities of WAKAZE.

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*Even if you are already subscribed to our newsletter, you must sign up for this campaign again!
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- Sparkling Yuzu sake: 20% OFF (35€ → 28€)
- Christmas set (Sparkling Yuzu + Umeshu + Classic): 10% OFF (87.5€ → 78.8€)

Products at discounted price only during this period: from November 23rd to 30th.
*After December 1, there will be no discount, and it will be sold in regular prices.
Please register by November 28, 11:59PM.


Due to popular demand, the campaign registration period has been extended!

Nov.23rd: Pre-sale starts
(Available at the discounted prices, delivered in time for Christmas)
Nov.24th: Advance delivery start (without Box)
For those of you who want to enjoy earlier, we will start shipping on November 24th. *Gift box not included
Nov.28th: Join the campaign by this date!
Nov.30th: Last day of pre-sale
Dec.1st: General sales start
Dec.7th: Shipping starts (sales finishes as soon as it is sold out)