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<Pre-order date>
・ Wednesday, February 10th to 24th(France time)

<Pre-order : 20% off (30€=>24€)>

Our new LAB product in March is NIGORI SAKE. This is the sake chosen by WAKAZE community members as the sake they expect us to brew next. We will inform you of the start of the pre-order sales in an upcoming WAKAZE NEWSLETTER.

NIGORI SAKÉ(ニゴリ サケ)/ Cloudy saké
For those who know a little about saké, cloudy saké is one of the unique characteristics of saké, just like warm saké, among other brewages such as wine and beer.
It is made in the unique way of pressing the unrefined saké, using a coarse bag to filter it and leave behind a cloudy white substance called lees. This time, we added the lees of Junmai-shu made from rice grown in Camargue, in France, to saké brewed with rice grown in Yamagata Prefecture, in Japan, to create an elegant NIGORI SAKÉ that combines the terroirs of Japan and France.

Terroir: Yamagata (JAPAN)
This sake has a soft and elegant taste based on saké brewed with Japanese rice, and a smooth texture with fine lees. It has a nice sweetness and roundness, with a delicate hint of rice in the aftertaste. The fine acidity gives it a balanced taste making it very pleasant to drink.

Product Information
- ABV (alcohol by volume): 12%
- INGREDIENTS: Yamagata rice, Camargue rice
- TASTE: Soft texture and gentle sweetness of the rice
There may be some sediment from the ingredients, but this does not affect the quality.

Important: <Delivery of pre-ordered products>
Shipment will be made from 3rd of March onwards.
Other products ordered alongside YUZU SAKÉ will be shipped at the same time.

Scheduled delivery
- France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg: next day of the shipment date
- Germany, Italy, Spain: within 1 to 2 days from shipment date
- Other countries: within 2 to 5 days from shipment date

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