Jyunmai-Masu Set

 The Classic" is a flagship sake brewed in Paris using 100% of ingredients from France.
Masu glasses are a traditional part of Mokkiri: a method of serving sake that symbolizes hospitality and generosity. In the past, sake cups were filled to the brim. To avoid waste, a square wooden glass, called "masu," is placed under the cup to collect sake.

The Classic (Jyunmai - 750ml)
A 100% French pure rice wine brewed with Camargue rice, hard water, and wine yeast. A clear, refreshing, and crisp sake with a characteristic citrus aroma. This is WAKAZE's flagship sake, perfect to match with Japanese and Asian cuisine or as an aperitif with carpaccio.

Product Information:
- Alcohol content: 13%
- Recommended serving temperature: 5°C
- Made in France (KURA GRAND PARIS)
- Taste: fresh and juicy

Today, masu (枡) are lid-less and traditionally used to drink sake on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings. The wooden masu cup is said to complement traditionally brewed sake since it's brewed in wooden casks. They also carry a woodsy, clean scent as an added touch, and can be used as a container for the short glass or by itself as a cup.  

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