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We are pleased to announce that the new product LAB ROSE D'ISPAHAN is now available for pre-order before its regular sale! The 20% discount is only available until 26 January and the regular price will be applied from February 1st.

ROSE D’ISPAHAN (750ml) <Limited edition of 200 bottles only!>
We have developed the perfect SAKÉ for this season when Valentine's Day is approaching: ROSE D'ISPAHAN is made of lychees from Reunion Island, roses and raspberries from France. In addition to the floral aroma, ROSE D'ISPAHAN has the fruity scent of lychees and raspberries and a sweet and sour juicy taste. In accordance with the custom of offering a bouquet of roses, a symbol of love, on Valentine's Day, we have created a SAKÉ with a wonderful aroma and colour. The alcohol content of this SAKE is 13%.

Terroir: Reunion Island (French territory)

The lychee was introduced to Reunion Island in the 18th century and spread as the hot and humid climate was favorable to its cultivation. The lychee is in season from December to February, which is the summer in Reunion and it coincides with the Christmas period. The Reunion Island lychee, which is said to be of high quality, with a strong sweetness and aroma, was awarded Label Rouge in 2012. They are more expensive than those from Madagascar, but they are sent by plane, so you can enjoy them fresh.


We will ship your order after 1st February. Other items ordered with the ROSE D’ISPAHAN will also be shipped at the same time as the ROSE D’ISPAHAN.

Scheduled delivery:
- France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg:next day of shipment date
- Germany, Italy, Spain:within 1 to 2 days from shipment date
- Others countries:within 2 to 5 days from shipement date

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