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Summer Hop Sake

Summer Hop Sake


A bottle of sake made with “Alsatian Hop” in collaboration with BOTECO:  a cocktail bar located in Paris.

Regular sale has started. Only 100 bottles are available since WAKAZE LAB is small-quantity production.

  • Summer Hop Sake ☓ 1btl (50cl)
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Summer Hop Sake 14% 50cl

Operating temperature :


Ingredients :

Camargue rice (PGI), Koji-rice,  Three kinds of hops: Cascade, Strisselspalt, and Barbe Rouge

Aromas and tastes :

This sake served in a champagne glass is rich in cereal aromas. On the palate, citrus fruits delicately awaken your palate, followed by a taste of freshly cooked rice. A slight bitterness and a salty touch contribute to a perfect marriage with seaside dishes, such as mussels or a Niçoise salad.

Dishes to accompany :

Mussels or a Niçoise salad.



The first cuvée brewed in collaboration with the team at La Fine Mousse, a reference point for Parisian beer lovers, is a sake made with Alsatian Hops. To make it, we first brewed the water used to make the Sake at Le Houblon Cascade. Then we followed the "Dry Hopping" technique which consists in adding the hops during the fermentation stage. In order to accentuate the aromas, we used different kinds of hops: Cascade, Strisselspalt, and Barbe Rouge. Sake koji brings out the fruity aromas of the hops


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