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SAKE aged in a Cognac barrel

SAKE aged in a Cognac barrel


[Welcome back Cognac!]

Our second cognac sake are here.

Enjoy the sweet aroma such as honey and the rice flavor of sake aged in a cognac barrel.

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SAKE aged in a Cognac barrel 13.75% 75cl

Operating temperature :


Ingredients :

Camargue rice (IGP), Rice Koji

Aromas and tastes :

  • color : shiny golden yellow
  • aroma : complex and deep aroma including apple, pear, dried fruit such as walnut and hazelnut and mushroom, with a hint of powdered rice aromas, and finally subtle spicy notes such as cinnamon and nutmeg.
  • taste : the attack is silky and elegant, evoking flavours of honey, caramel, dried fruit such as walnuts and mushrooms, with a lingering bitterness.

Dishes to accompany :

Coq au vin jaune, Blue-veined cheese



WAKAZE connoisseurs have always loved Fut de Cognac, and this month, it will be on our stock again. This is a Kijosyu sake, aged for 2 months in cognac barrels made in Cognac, in the northern part of the Bordeaux region in southwest France.

It has a sweet taste like a noble rot wine, because it is made with sake instead of water. By aging it in cognac barrels, a sensual aroma is added, making it the perfect digestif to enjoy a luxurious evening. But don't worry about the next day because it's not strong as much as normal cognac. (Alcohol degree:13.7%)

We have received the 80 sets of pre-orders which was beyond our expectation. We don't have much stocks of Calvados sake compared to Pinot-noir sake and Cognac sake. If you are interested in this sake, Please reserve as soon as possible.

We are also offering a barrel aged sake box at 10% off from the regular price.


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Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation

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