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Sake aged in a Calvados barrel

Sake aged in a Calvados barrel


[New Products] Enjoy the mellow aroma and rice flavor of SAKE aged in Calvados barrels. Quantity limited: only 100 bottles

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Sake aged in a Calvados barrel 13.4% 75cl

Operating temperature :


Ingredients :

Camargue rice (PGI), Rice-Koji

Aromas and tastes :

  • color : pale lemon yellow
  • aroma : Concentrated and generous aromas including notes of cooked rice, citrus fruit such as yuzu, passion fruit and white flowers such as jasmine, supported by spices such as clos de girofle.
  • taste : The attack is lively, evoking flavours of fruit compote such as fig and apricot, with a length on very nice acidity like passion fruit and a discreet touch of bitterness like caramel. Soft texture with a round and rich flavour.

Dishes to accompany :

Duck confit, Cassoulet



WAKAZE LAB will continue to bring innovation:

New SAKE using 100% French ingredients.
This special sake is aged for 2 months in Calvados barrels.

Only WAKAZE, which has a sake brewery in France can create this SAKE.

It is characterized by its deep sweetness and rich taste. Coincidentally, the brewing process for sake was the same as the ancient method of making sake called "shiori" by the Miyauchi Ministry of Brewing, which is described in the ancient Heian Period document "Engishiki (Engishiki, 927AD)". The ancient people had the wisdom and techniques that are still applicable today.

Calvados is a spirit made from apples in the Normandy region of northern France. In a larger category, it's a type of apple brandy and is a specialty of the Normandy region.

Aging sake in a Calvados barrels create the rich aroma and taste.

We have received approximately the 80 sets of pre-orders which was beyond our expectation. We don't have much stocks of Calvados sake compared to Pinot-noir sake and Cognac sake. If you are interested in this sake, Please reserve as soon as possible.

We are also offering a barrel aged sake set at 10% off from the regular price.


The official Wakaze store distributes its Sakés directly.


Online space for professionals. (Only in France, you can see details in French )

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Wakaze delivers everywhere in France (for free!). Also in UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Swiss, Norway, Luxembourg, Ireland, Finland, Austria, Czech and Poland we deliver with 12€ per order



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