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Cake Sake Box


[Limited quantity 45 box until 30 Jully!]

Collaboration Box “Les Trois Chocolats”×”WAKAZE”!

  • Sake “Fut de cognac” ×1btl
  • Cake “Moelleux saké” × 2pcs
  • Sake “Myrte & Pomelo” × 1btl
  • Cake “Saké agrume supérieur”(YUZU) × 2pcs

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Collaboration "Les Trois Chocolats × WAKAZE"


Cake of "Les Trois Chocolats"

2 Cakes are handcrafted from our sake. In order to make the best possible use of our residues, we have collaborated with Les Trois Chocolats, Maison Franco-Japonaise, to offer your taste buds new flavours while promoting circular economy and short circuit. Les 3 Chocolats conducted many tests before arriving at a unique and gourmet result: cakes that melt delicately in the mouth, while having a subtle taste of sake.

Gâteau moelleux au saké

These cakes have been kneaded with sake dregs from Cognac. In order to obtain an optimal sake flavour and to make the cakes melt gently in the mouth, Les Trois Chocolats put sake on these cakes while they were still hot just after baking.

Gâteau saké agrume supérieur

Made from the lee of sake myrte and pomelo, the freshness of the fruit has been enhanced by the addition of YUZU peels and yuzu juice, resulting in mellow, citrusy flavours that are the ultimate in sweetness. Indeed, it is a fusion of Japanese and French ingredients, which is the whole concept of the 3 Chocolates. These cakes are to be savoured under the hot sun while enjoying the summer breeze.

* Storage temperature 20-25℃, Refrigerated shelf life 14 days, Allergens: Egg, gluten, alcohol, milk



In keeping with the theme of Corsica, Corsican Myrtle and Pomelo were added during the fermentation of the sake to create harmony. It has a botanical aroma like artisanal gin and a refreshing acidity derived from citrus fruits.


An artisanal French Sake aged in Cognac barrels for 3 months. The "Kijo-shu" method, which consists in replacing water by Sake during the brewing process, brings to this creation an astonishing and voluptuous sweetness; as well as a beautiful acidity, comparable to that of apple or plum. A nocturnal digestive, perfect to soothe the body and mind, as during a walk in the Cognaçais region.

"Les Trois Chocolats" - Craft Chocolate artist in Paris

The three chocolates, it's a Japanese chocolate maker in Paris. This artisanal shop (the workshop is on the spot) with Franco-Japanese influences, seduces by its personality and the quality of its products. Its name was chosen to pay tribute to the three generations of chocolate makers who build this story, through their talent and curiosity. Now, Emiko Sano represents the third generation to work with chocolate with pastry chef Sho Kimura.


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