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A sake-based liqueur, obtained by macerating browning apricots in sake. It has a rich apricot aroma and a sweet sake harmony.

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Operating temperature :


Ingredients :

Rice of Camargue (IGP), Rice-Koji, Abricot of Roussillon

Aromas and tastes :

  • Nose: rich aroma coming from the rice of cereal and yoghurt notes, after the noseévolue on aromas dʼagrumes and dʼabricot, finally subtle notes dʼherbesaromatiques like chervil and tarragon.
  • Palate: lʼattaque is fresh and lively, immediately evoking fruit flavours like ripe apricot, passion fruit, and dʼagrume like orange and lemon enconfit. This cuvée offers a nice balance with pleasant and light acidity touchedʼamertume.

Dishes to accompany :

Grilled sea bream, sweetbreads



The Wakaze Lab takes you to discover the orchre soil of Provence, the Roussillon, to celebrate the apricot season. In order to take full advantage of the aromas of this fruit, the apricots are dipped whole in Sake in order to delicately extract all the essence of the fruit. The result is a sweet, fruity and original Sake, perfect to be enjoyed on the terrace while the sun embraces your little one. Kampai!


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