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About us

Who are we ?

WAKAZE's motto is to make sake "popular all over the world".

Founded in 2016 in Japan by Takuma Inagawa, the house of saké WAKAZE in French, the breeze from Japan, has achieved success in its country with the impressive production of 48 distinct sakés distributed in more than 150 points of sale.

While importing its saké from Japan could have sufficed for WAKAZE, Takuma Inagawa rised to the challenge of creating a sakagura* in Fresnes, in close proximity to Paris, and of inventing a French saké made from French ingredients: rice from Camargue and French water.
The creation of WAKAZE will be the very first saké made in the Grand Paris metropolis.

*sakagura = house of saké

The story of WAKAZE began 10 years ago, when Takuma Inagawa studied at the Ecole Centrale de Paris and discovered the richness of French culture. Back in Japan, when he tasted a glass of saké, he realized that he had not tasted it in France despite the high potential of “food & saké”.

Takuma decided to produce Saké in France, with French products! He then met Shoya Ima, son of Holy Shuzo and owner of a Japanese brewery founded in 1841! The project was developed in Japan, then after a fundraiser, was launched in France!

Takuma Inagawa


A graduate in Science and Engineering from the University of Keio and the Ecole Centrale Paris, he began his career at Boston Consulting Group before launching WAKAZE in Japan in 2016!

Shoya Imai

Master Brewer

A graduate from the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Tokyo and coming from a famous family of brewers in Gunma, Hijiri. “Kurabito” (saké brewer apprentice) in various breweries (Aramasa de Ajira, Masuda de Toyama, Abe de Niigata), he then became Master Brewer for WAKAZE.

Our universe


You can purchase our products directly from the official WAKAZE online store.


Online space for professionals. (Only in France, you can see details in French )

FREE SHIPPING in France! Europe outside France, also FREE SHIPPING from October  19 to November 2!

Wakaze delivers everywhere in France (for free!). Also in the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Swiss, Norway, Luxembourg, Ireland, Finland, Austria, Czech, and Poland until November 2.


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