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9 July 2020

【SNS campaign】WAKAZE LAB June sake 『COGNAC BARREL AGED 』Get it for free!

『WAKAZE LAB』is a space dedicated to ephemeral experiences: limited edition vintages. Each one more innovative and exciting than the other, they are inspired by our magnificent and complex French terroirs but also by enriching encounters and collaborations. The first Wakaze Lab vintages, released in June, were a Strawberry & Basilic Sake』and a『 aged in a Cognac barrel Sake』 How was the taste?

『Cognac Barrel Aged』had such a great success that we have received requests for it to be included in our Classic Sake range! The complex and generous aroma and the silky and delicate, evoking flavours of fruit are impressive. It is a perfectly balanced cuvée of complexity and structure.

Here, we decided to have a 『Cognac Barrel Aged』Gift campaign on Twitter with great thanks to all of WAKAZE onboarding Community. 

●Details (Twitter)  

・How to apply

① Follow our official account(@wakaze_fr_sake) ② Retweet this post!

・Gift details: Cognac Barrel Aged(one bottle for 3 people)

・The application period: July 9, 2020 Thursday 21:00 ~ July 15, 2020 Wednesday 20:59  

● Characteristics

『Cognac Barrel Aged』

・The product type:Japanese rice sake

・Made in France

・Ingredients:Rice of Camargue IGP, Rice-Koji (made in France)

・Aroma and taste:Complex and generous aroma and silky and delicate, evoking flavours of fruit such as notably apple, pear and jasmine

・Service temperature:Recommended to serve at 12-18℃

・Alcohol degree:12%

Amount of product:350ml

● Notes

・Winners will be announced via Twitter DM.

・We will send DM to winners by July 18th (Sun), so please be sure to follow us.

・Prizes will be shipped in August.

・If the application cannot be confirmed during the lottery, the application will be invalid.

・If you are unable to contact us by the DM specified date after you have been notified of the winning by DM contact, the winning will be invalid.

・Persons who set their account private will be excluded from the lottery.

・Please note that due to the characteristics of the product, gifts cannot be sent to minors.

・Winners are limited to those who live in the destination countries of the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg, Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Austria. I will. ⁠

・Applications from corporate accounts will not be selected. ⁠

・Resale of prizes is prohibited. In addition, please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

・Troubles that occur between users shall be resolved between the users, and we shall not be liable.

・This campaign has nothing to do with Twitter.

We look forward to a lot of your application!

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【SNS企画】WAKAZE 6月LAB商品『コニャック樽SAKE 』プレゼントキャンペーン

毎月、ちょっと変わったお酒を開発してお届けしている『WAKAZE LAB』。6月LABは『苺とバジル』『コニャック樽SAKE』でした。お楽しみ頂けましたか。 「定番商品にしてほしい!」とのお声を頂くほどご好評いただいた『コニャック樽SAKE』。コニャック樽で丁寧に仕込んだお酒だからこそ味わえる複雑で高貴な香りと貴醸酒仕込に由来する白桃やライチのような上品な甘さが印象的なこのお酒です。 この度、皆さまへの日頃の感謝を込めて、Twitter限定開催で『コニャック樽SAKE』プレゼントキャンペーンを企画しました! ●企画概要 応募方法・Twitter ① 公式アカウント(@wakaze_fr_sake)をフォロー② キャンペーン投稿をRT! ・プレゼント内容:『コニャック樽SAKE』 1本(計3名様) ・応募期間:2020/7/9(木)21:00 ~ 2020/7/15(水)20:59 『 コニャック樽SAKE』とは? 「コニャック樽SAKE」 品名:清酒 原産国:フランス 原材料:カマルグ産米(フランス産米)、米麹(フランス産) 味わい:柔らかくデリケートな印象。貴醸酒仕込による白桃やライチのような上品な甘さとコニャック樽がもたらす繊細な余韻が特徴 飲み方:12-18℃に冷やしてお楽しみください […]

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