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One step towards zero sake-lees waste - WAKAZE's first ever 100% French UMESHU. Made by macerating Golden Japan plums grown in France, in alcohol made by distilling sake lees from the our brewery in the suburbs of Paris.

⚠︎The next UMESHU sale is scheduled for around September. We will announce the start of sales in the WAKAZE Newsletter and on our official Instagram account, so please sign up for our newsletter or follow us on IG!


Enjoy the fresh acidity and distinct aroma of UMESHU. The characteristic flavour of distilled alcohol made from sake-kasu(sake lees) adds depth to the taste, while the sweetness is slightly subdued so that it brings out the fresh acidity of the young plums. With a gorgeous pink colour, UMESHU can be enjoyed on its own as an apéritif, or with ice or sparkling water.

- ABV (alcohol by volume): 13%
- Temperature: 5°C
- Ingredients: Distilled spirit of French sake lees, French plums "Golden japanese" (26%), French sugar

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Sake-kasu spirit

The distillation process was developed in the search for a way to utilise the sake lees, which increased as more sake was being produced at our brewery. Sake-kasu has long been used in Japan for pickling, cooking, and distilling to make shochu. Based on this knowledge, we succeeded in making brandy from sake-kasu with the cooperation of a distillery located in the south of Paris. During the UMESHU crowdfunding campaign in June 2021, we received over 60,000€ from about 800 supporters, and after a year of trial and error, including applying for liquor tax and distillation methods, we were finally able to bring this product into life.


We are WAKAZE, a sake start-up that has been brewing sake with French ingredients since 2019. With the aim of bringing SAKÉ to the tables of the world, we are challenging the conventional wisdom while respecting tradition. In 2020 we were awarded the platinum prize at the Kura master sake competition.


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